What is the Department of Non-Corporeal Affairs?


The Department of Non-Corporeal Affairs is simultaneously a participatory art project and a genuine paranormal research office.  The Department’s helpful staff are ready and willing to respond to your inquiries regarding hauntings, supernatural occurrences and other extra-normal presences. Using a holistic range of techniques, including site visits and archival research, the Department is dedicated to forging closer ties between the living and non-corporeal members of our community.

The Department’s approach is based on a belief that understanding and acknowledgement are healthier approaches than suppression or expulsion. This artwork approaches ghosts as metaphors for the way in which the past impinges upon the present and playfully uses paranormal research as a means of redressing the kind of cultural and historical amnesia prevalent in Australia society.

This project has been developed by Andrew Purvis and Sasha Grbich with the support of the Adelaide City Council.

Sasha Grbich is and artist, writer and lecturer who works with sculpture, installation, sound and video. An avid collector of strange things, found footage, sounds and stories; she is fascinated by the ways art interacts with everyday life. Sasha creates art experiences that explore how art performs with audience and in local environments. She lectures at the Adelaide Central School of Art in Video and Performance, Installation, and coordinates the BVA Degree and Honours degrees. In 2015 she completed postgraduate research at University of South Australia examining the operation of art making practice as a series of performative encounters.

Andrew Purvis is a curator, artist and arts writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. In 2010, Andrew obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Art) from Curtin University (WA), later going on to complete a Masters of Arts (Art) in 2012. Andrew has also worked as the Project Officer for Visual Arts, Craft and Writing at the Department of Culture and the Arts in Western Australia. 

In 2014, Andrew co-curated the exhibition Tropaeum with Abdul-Rahman Abdullah at the Fremantle Art Centre. In 2015, Andrew was selected from a competitive field of applicants to work as the emerging curator for the annual Here & Now exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery, contained within the cultural precinct of the University of Western Australia. The exhibition involved eight new commissions from some of Western Australia’s most outstanding young artists. 

As an artist, Andrew has exhibited at the John Curtin Gallery (WA) and Paper Mountain (WA). He has also completed residencies at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Fremantle Art Centre. Andrew was also the recipient of an Australia Council JUMP mentorship in 2014.